The Danger Kids Universe


So for many of you reading this you may have never heard of the Danger Kids Universe well stick back an allow me to explain. When I was 11 years old I began to write a story about adolescents who acquire superpowers and use them for good. At the age of 11 the story really didn’t have alot of direction but as the years went on I would continue to develop the story more. In the two years following I would develop more characters and settings for the story to take place. In the summer of 2008 I plotted out the entire story which I decided would be told over the course of 8-10 novels.  I hadn’t realized it yet but I had created an entire fictional universe very massive in size. My Co-Author, A.S. Washington, of the series had been there from the start but it wasn’t until about 2011 that I asked him to come on board full time because not only did I believe he was a talented writer who could help convey the emotion of the story but also because the story had become very massive and I needed someone to help me sort through some of it so I didn’t go crazy.


So just what is the Danger Kids Universe? allow me to enlighten you. The first novel entitled The Twelve follows the story of twelve titans who are tasked by the lord of the universe Aeon to maintain the balance. In the beginning it seems all things are going well but as time goes on conflict erupts between the titans. The conflict directly affects the first planet in the universe Merridia and the royal family of gods who loom over the planet. The prince Black Dawn has a vision that a mortal woman warrior by the name of Scicremeon who might bring about the destruction of Merridia. His family doesn’t believe him and well you’ll have to read the rest of the novel to find out what else happens. The Twelve is the first book in the prequel trilogy also known as The Danger Kids Universe Series. What I can see happens in this trilogy is that an evil so powerful that rivals Aeon himself comes into existence and a prophecy is created towards the end.

The Twelve Cover

Now after reading that I bet you’re wondering where do the Danger Kids come into play in all of this. Later this year my co-author and I plan to release the first book in the Danger Kids Series entitled Danger Kids: A Generation’s Journey . It takes place in modern day thousands of years after the twelve and we will see seven teens from different walks of life come together and fight a foe that threatens earth but that’s only the beginning. You will see things from The Twelve in this book referenced directly and not so directly. This series will span roughly about 8 books as of right now. Over the series the teens will go through multiple changes as their ideas and outlooks on life their world and the universe at large will be changed and reshaped.


The release order for these books will be as follows,

The Twelve- December 12 2012

Danger Kids Book 1: A Generation’s Journey-May 9th 2014

Untitled Sequel to The Twelve- TBA

Danger Kids Book 2

Untitled Threequel to The Twelve

All Other Books in the Danger Kids Series

We chose to release the books in this order as we believed it would allow for larger more in depth storytelling. You understand that there is a larger story but also each book will be able to stand on its own and has its own message to deliver.

The message that I want the overall series to have is that sometimes unpredictable things will happen and can cause life to change in an instant. However the way we choose to react to those events are what will allow us to come out on top.  It is my hope that this series will inspire a generation as so many book series before it have. As a kid I was always a huge geek and I still am today. Having debates among my friends about superheroes and Star Wars was always fun and to think that someday perhaps the Danger Kids Universe can be apart of the arguments of other children is so heartwarming. I also hope the story of how The Danger Kids Universe came to this point can inspire people as well.


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